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Can and will a key shop duplicate ANY key you bring to them, even master keys?

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If they have the right blanks, anyone can duplicate any key.

It is a matter of state laws and national certifications for a professional locksmith to refuse to cut certain types of keys without the necessary paperwork. Many states do not require any sort of license or training, let alone professional certification (with ethics elements) to cut keys. If you have a “restricted’ key, you simply take it to someone who couldn’t care less.

Note that possession of unauthorized master keys would automatically be a felony in many states, as “burglarious tools”.
by: bcnu
on: 21st August 13

Are there any laws against owning lock pick sets?

I am 17 and live in NC, I have a fake credit card that rolls out and is a lock pick set. What I was wondering is, are there any laws against owning this and if I get pulled over do I have to tell a cop I have it?
P.S. I am not a locksmith

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Unless you are a licensed locksmith or locksmith apprentice, these are considered “burglar tools”, which will be confiscated if found on you. The worst is you could be arrested for simply having them without being licensed as a locksmith. Of course, you are not obligated to reveal them as that would constitute self-incrimination.
by: rowlfe
on: 15th March 13

Lock pick laws for New Jersey?

I am not a locksmith, repo man, cop, etc. and I would like to purchase a lock pick set for a hobby and because you never know when you might need it. I live in New Jersey and probably would not carry them on me unless I knew I would need them. However, could they get me in trouble as long as I don’t commit a crime with them?
I found this:


but it is unclear.
Can someone please tell me what the lock pick laws for New Jersey are?

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Many jurisdictions have descriptions for “burglary tools” and I’m just guessing that this would qualify.
Ask your local law enforcement…
And just because you’re not shooting someone it is still illegal to carry a weapon most places without proper credentials.
on: 11th January 12

What are the Lock Pick Laws In Ontario Canada (not a locksmith)?

What are the Lock Pick Laws In Ontario Canada (not a locksmith)?
i want to buy lock picks online but im not sure if it is legal to own one if i am
not a locksmith

plz help

Chosen Answer:

n Canada, possession of lock picking tools, with the exception of key duplication tools, is legal. Lock pick tools fit in the same category as crowbars or hammers, meaning they are legal to possess and use unless they are used to commit a crime or if it is shown there was “intention to commit a crime” in which case “Possession of tools with the intention of committing a crime” applies – which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail. See Part VIII – Section 351
by: Randy B
on: 23rd October 10

what states is it illegal to own lockpicks?

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Many states such as Az, Ca, Tx, Ut, Me, Mass, Ny, NH, NJ, Md and Ill have laws which basically consider lockpicks and crowbars as burglary tools or theft devices. However in general, mere ownership of lockpicks is not illegal if not coupled with malicious intent. In Illinois, Using one to open any lock is illegal if one doesn’t have a locksmith license.
by: Ben
on: 18th December 11

Is it possible to get “do not duplicate” labeled keys duplicated?

Need a set for both cars, do most locksmiths care what the keys are labeled?


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There’s only a few jurisdictions with laws expressly prohibiting the duplication of keys that are labeled “Do not duplicate” so unless you’re in California, there’s no legal impediment to duplicating them and not every key duplicating service is operated by someone sworn to not duplicate those keys. Indeed some places like Walmart might just give you a brief instruction on how the machine works and leave you to it. You can also get a gauging tool, read out the code of the keys and then just have the dealer cut a key to code. When you buy a new car, the first key should have the code printed on it. Then there’s the old fallback of a key blank, and a file.

I’ve known people to just put a piece of masking tape over the label writing something innocuous onto the masking tape and taking that in to be duplicated.
by: John W
on: 24th April 10

Spiritually speaking, should Christians’ keyboards not have a Caps Lock key?

A shift key too. I’m sick of all the JESUSs, the GOD LOVES YOUs, etc..
Aaaaaaah, the horror!

Chosen Answer:

I think you misunderstand. It is the flagrant disregard for the laws of man in the form of refusing the proper use of the English language and spelling conventions combined with the random capitalization of words and frequent use of the Caps Lock key that make them *more right*. Without those things they’re just people with opinions and personal beliefs like the rest of us. Why take what makes them “special” away? Next you’ll want their helmets, too!
by: Demi
on: 12th April 10

Are Auto Jiggler keys illegal ?

btw I live in D.C if it makes a difference, plz site your sources

Chosen Answer:

I believe the Districts laws mirror those of Virginia very closely but even if not….here’s the scoop. The Jiggler Keys could be considered burglar tools if you are not a licensed locksmith!

The laws of the state could differ than the laws for the city or county…you NEED to check with your local authorities about the Jiggler keys to be on the safe side!

Another consideration is if you are found in possession of the tools or keys but not a licensed locksmith…you COULD be charged with a possession of burglar tools.

Be very careful and call your local authorities for the best answer~
by: KC V ™
on: 17th September 10

what are the laws to become a locksmith in new york?

what do i neeed to become one

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check the new york government web site, you may also find a locksmith association. we run a locksmith company in tennessee www.empirelockandalarm.com in our state we just started requiring a license. so far it seems to be just more hoops for the honest guys to jump through.
on: 1st January 13

where can we learn to be a Locksmith?

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Go on line. Find someone that wants to train a person. There is a lot of books on how to. Look on line for how to books. The best is from a experience person save a lot of head aches in life. Also they will teach you all laws and liability of the job.
by: Joe
on: 19th November 09